Welcome to the new website of Rubha Phoil.


We are a young nature-based permaculture project on the Isle of Skye.

Rubha Phoil is an ancient, very special rock in the south of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The rock we live on a billion years old, older than life. It is some of the oldest rock on our planet, sitting on top of a layer of Lewisian Gneiss, the first rock that solidified when the earth was still a ball of lava. Our rock has made an interesting journey over those billion years. In the early as well as the recent times.

We will document what we know about that journey HERE.

If you want to help us to discover, document and present more about the history, join us HERE.

The Rock now provides a home to a permaculture project and our vision is for it to transition into a nature connected permaculture community. Follow our history time line or join our Virtual Village to hear about our achievements and struggles of that process.

Latest News

We are really proud to announce that we are recognised as a Permaculture ScotLAND Demonstration Centre!

This means that the official body, the Permaculture Association of Britain has officially found our rock and us to be an excellent example of permaculture in action. A place where people can come, see and learn real permaculture.
The rock first got given the label “permaculture” in 1992 when the previous owner started her project. In 2013 the first application to be approved as a ScotLAND Centre was deferred. Now after 4 years of hard work by Ludwig and the more than hundred volunteers who supported the project since, we have been successful. Rubha Phoil is officially a ‘Permaculture Project’ worthy of the label ‘Permaculture’.

Thank you Ed for your guidance, thank you Graham for your time and expertise in assessing our application.

You can read more here.

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