Our future is bright – We invite you to join us.

Our world has reached, what clearly is a pivotal moment in our history. We are waking up in a new world with a new virus that has spread sand in the cogs of the human machine, and we’re still faced with the ever worsening extreme weather patterns in our ecosystem. We’re in a phase of chaos between two era’s.

It is clear to us that the new -post Covid- era will be one of positive change. We can feel it in our bones.

Tens of thousands of people, maybe more, this very moment in time, are standing up and offering their gifts to the world with hope for a new world. Maybe you are someone like that too?

I am.

When I, Ludwig, was 8, I realised what was ahead of us. I was not clairvoyant. I was just watching the 6 o’clock news. My brain seems to work differently as that of other people, as I was unable to carry with life as normal. Society didn’t make sense to me while it was just carrying on with business (and war on ourselves) as usual. As a child I, accidentally, but as I came of age very purposefully, specialised in what the solution to this cluster situation is. You can read more about me here.

This solstice 2020, after 42 years of learning and 4.5 years of observation at Rubha Phoil, I took my first steps in presenting the manifestation of my version of the regenerative culture solution that I proudly designed with the help of an uncountable amount of beautiful people. I am grateful to all of them.

It is a massive spiral of abundance that is designed to help propel all who join, into a better life on a healthier planet in small steps.

It is a 15 acre rock in the sea off the Isle the Skye. Home for a small residential community with unimaginable amounts of opportunities to create resilience for all it’s members and for the local community in a way that is harmonious with nature and regenerates our ecosystem.
A place to come and rest and heal. A place to come and learn and be inspired. A place to be part of the solution too. You can learn more about the real world community here.

It is also a Virtual Village, where everything works like you’d expect in an average virtual village in a well functioning future world. Transparency and collective decision making, a local economy with our own currency, a positive feedback loop by reinvesting profits into the village, create jobs, our own treasury for low or interest free loans, based on fairness and equality, with fund-raising support for new start ups, ease of trading for buy, swap and sell, our own education system run collectively, a soapbox to test idea’s where creativity gets encouraged and financed and much more….

We’re creating our own new world, one step at a time.

This Virtual Village is a vehicle that will support the journey for everyone that shares our dream: A better world for all.

Feel free to join and check it out. It is a fresh Earth Ways‘ project. You are invited to join in and enjoy the early bird offers.

How to register:

Step 1: You can register by clicking on the picture below.  Please do read the T&C  There are some important issues in there to protect you and us!

Step 2: Check you email, or spam folder, add us to your address book (we do disappear in spam folders all the time), confirm your email. Our software is unable to work without it to make sure your data does not get shared with someone else’s email address.

Step 3: Choose your membership and check out using your card. There is a concession option!

The card payments are as much about making sure that everyone in the village is a real person and that we know who they are in real life and protect us and each other, as about earning a little money to pay for the running costs.

Step 4: Wait for me to check your identity and I’ll let you in and you’ll receive a welcome email. May be in your spam folder! Check and white list us or add us to your address book.

Step 5: Login, upload a profile picture and choose your email settings to receive email notifications or not.

If there are any issues, please do contact me. I’m happy to help.
Any feedback is welcome!
If you tried to register before and it didn’t work, lets try again, together.

Look forward to see you in there.

A list of quick answers to FAQ’s:

You need a plastic card to join, as we charge a small transaction to join. If money is an issue, or if you don’t have a card, let us know. We use cards to verify your identity and confirm that you accept the terms and conditions. We do this to increase the level of trust we can have in each other to interact and trade. It will be a safe space where you know that we know everyone’s real identity.

Your information will not be sold or shared. After you register, you need to confirm your email address and your membership needs to be approved by an admin. Check your spam folder if need be and please be patient to be let in.

While we are progressing on the creation of our own currency, we have for now our own ‘tokens’ in the village. RR = Rubha Rocks. £1=1RR These tokens are legally seen as credit obligations which value is guaranteed by Ludwig Appeltans.

Hope to see you in our Virtual Village

Ludwig Leòdhas (Otter)

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