The dawn of a new Era – Join us.

Our world has reached, what clearly is a pivotal moment in our history. We are waking up in a new world in the middle of a pandemic, at the start of a new era: Post Covid.

A moment where tens of thousands of people, maybe more, are this very moment in time, are standing up and offering their gifts to the world with hope for a new world. Maybe you are too.

When I, Ludwig, was 7 or 8, I realised what was ahead of us. I was not clairvoyant. I was just listening to the news. My brain seems to work different that that of other people, as I was unable to carry with life as normal. Society didn’t make sense to me while it was just carrying on with business (and war on ourselves) as usual. As a child I, accidentally, but as I came of age very purposefully, specialised in what the solution to this cluster situation is.

This solstice 2020, after 42 years of learning and 4.5 years of observation at Rubha Phoil, I took my first steps in presenting the manifestation of my version of the regenerative culture solution that I proudly designed with the help of an uncountable amount of beautiful people. I am grateful to all of them.

Here it is: it is a mahoosive spiral of abundance that is designed to help propel all who join, into a better life on a healthier planet in small steps.

It is a nature based regenerative culture community AND a Virtual Village, where everything works like you’d expect in a normal village in a future world. Transparency, collective decision making, a local economy with our own currency, reinvesting profits into the village, jobs, a treasury for low or interest free loans, fair shares, fundraising support on our own crowdfund platform, easy to buy, swap and sell, an education system, a soapbox and much more…. Creating a new world, one step at a time. This is a vehicle that will support the journey for everyone that shares my dream: A better world for all.

Come and check it out. It is a fresh Earth Ways‘ project and there is still a lot of work to do to implement the design fully. You are invited to join in and enjoy the early bird offers. You can register here.

A list of quick answers to FAQ’s:

You need a plastic card to join, as we a small transaction to verify your identity. If money is an issue, or if you don’t have a card, let us know. We use cards to verify your identity and confirm you accept the terms and conditions. We do this to increase the level of trust we can have in each other to interact and trade. It will be a safe space, free from anonymous thieves and trolls.

Your information will not be sold or shared. After you register, you need to confirm your email address and your membership needs to be approved by an admin. Check your spam folder if need be and please be patient to be let in.

While we are progressing on the creation of our own currency, we have for now our own ‘tokens’ in the village. RR = Rubha Rocks. £1=1RR These tokens are legally seen as vouchers which value is guaranteed by Ludwig Appeltans.

More explanation will follow, feel free to ask questions.

Hope to see you in our Virtual Village soon,

Ludwig Leòdhas Appeltans

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