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There are a few ways that you can support us:

1: Financial support:

We are seeking support to launch the economic spiral of abundance that Rubha Phoil will be.

Our vision is to create a thriving, resilient and diverse community, a place of reconnection to nature and ourselves, and to model and teach permaculture and community building. Rubha Phoil is the seed of a greater cultural movement toward the ethics of permaculture; earth care, people care, and fair share.

Our next step is to launch the CIC that will manage Rubha Phoil and the community interest enterprise that will over see the economic activity that will make Rubha Phoil an economic success.

6 years ago we borrowed £90.000 from kind people like you to help finalise the purchase of the land. Many have allowed us to keep the loans for longer. Over the past 6 years, we have already paid back £39.500. With this support, our community business has been flourishing and growing. We are doing quite well at the moment. Additional funds will help launch our virtual village into a fast growing spiral of abundance.

It is good to know that the loans are personal loans with real registered contracts in which the property is collateral to protect your assets. The current total value of the loans is not more than 10% of the property value. There are no mortgages or other burdens on the property and that we can sell one of our 4 house plots to repay the loans, should that be needed.

How can you be a part of this mission?

If you have a little bit of money that is not doing much at the moment, devaluing rapidly in your savings account and you would like to allow us to use it for one year to create resilience and community, please do get in touch. We prefer to pay interest to you rather than to the banks.
You can contact us here.  We’d be happy to answer any possible questions and your suggestions for a fair return.

We offer in return:

  • A choice of interest between 0-7% p/a
  • An officially, registered contract which guarantees repayment as best as lawfully possible, written by solicitors. The contract will be registered officially by the Registry Of Scotland, to avoid any possible dispute.
  • My (Ludwig Appeltans’) personal guarantee that you will get your money back. I have lots of connections that are happy to testify that I am true to my word. The land would be collateral to guarantee your repayment. The land is not used as collateral in any other transactions. There is no burden on the property and there are no mortgages.
  • We will be raising £10.000 more than we need, to enable us to organise emergency repayments, should you need your money back in a hurry.
  • We can keep your loan anonymous or credit you, your organization or company as you wish.
    If you want to talk about additional conditions, let’s have a chat.

Other ways you can support us financially:

– If you want to support us with small amounts: You can join our virtual village, and invest in our currency. You can swap £’s for Rubha Rocks in there. You can buy all sorts of things in our shop or you can hold them to spend later.

2: Offer us your skills

If you have any useful skills you would like to offer us, please do get in touch.

Most needed at the moment are DIY skills. Especially electric. (no need to be able to certify, all work is disconnected from any power source)
Welding skills are also highly valued.

3: Other ways you can help us

– If you have been on the Rock before, please share your story.

– Leave us a review.  We have gathered quite a few beautiful reviews on our websites.  You can see them here and here.  There is room for your comments too! Please feel free to add yours.You can email us with a quote, leave on our our facebook page or on google.

 Please share with people you think can help.