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Share your Rubha Phoil experience, recent or old

Please share widely

Have you ever been on this rock? Did you come for a walk to see the seals? Did you stay overnight? Did you volunteer or live here for a while?
Do you have a story or an experience to share? Even if it was only for a fleeting visit, please share it with us.

If you can answer some of our many questions we ask on the timeline, please let us know.
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This is how you can share your experience with us:

    • We would love to sit around the fire with you to capture your story in person.
    • You can write to us using snail mail via: Rubha Phoil, Armadale Pier, Ardvasar, IV45 8RS
    • You can email us or ask for a phone or video call, on the form below.
    • We are aware that for some people there is also history that is more painful. We are happy to support you in sharing your story in any way we can and help you heal any wounds there might be left behind from any possible bad experiences you may have had on this rock.