House for rent with jobs/partnership attached!

We’re offering the perfect start for a couple who wish to start a new life, living in a permaculture community in one of the most gorgeous places in Scotland.

The house is nearly ready to be rented out. It has new floors, a new shower and a new sunroof. A few repairs and the certifications are left to achieve. Our Community Interest Company to carry Rubha Phoil and provide jobs and partnerships is nearly ready too,

An opportunity for a young family to come and live on Skye is opening up.

Our dream is to find a family to come and join our community. To help us get the house ready that they can rent, so that they have a nice home to live so that they from a good baseline can help us manifest our dreams together, which includes creating our jobs on Rubha Phoil.

We dream of a couple with a combination of these skills:

project management and DIY or handy skills.

Other useful information:
– To work for Rubha Phoil at this stage, you need to be able to write invoices.
There are plenty of jobs on the island for trades people, essential workers and in the tourist trade. There is a real shortage. Yet we dream to home people who want to work in our community in the long run.
Idea’s for making a living here are limited only by the imagination. Rubha Phoil is the perfect location to have a viable, sustainable nature friendly business. Tell me your dreams and we can discuss it!
– No Pets, please, our land is a wildlife haven.
– The house is one big space. It is suitable for a couple with one or two small kids, but there is no privacy for older kids. They could perhaps live in a hut nearby if they are independent enough.
– There is a bit of work left to do on the house. If you are happy to stay in the holiday accommodation while helping us finalising the house, we’d have the perfect start together.
– There is an excellent primary school nearby, a secondary school in Portree and opportunity for us to create our own school on Rubha Phoil.
– It’s pretty hard to create a social immune bubble in a community. We want people with compromised immune systems to feel safe too. We prefer people who understand the social responsibility of social distancing when needed and can be flexible.

If you know someone that might be interested, do pass it on!